Leading VPN targets Russian censorship with provocative billboard campaign

A leading VPN service has just launched a rather provocative billboard campaign to raise awareness of the need to be protected while surfing the web.

Hide.me decided to attack Russia amid a growing number of suspicious deaths linked to people questioning the war in Ukraine and the Kremlin’s political views.

Since December 13, the bold posters have been appearing all over London, advising that one can talk about Russian politics online without becoming a victim of an “accident”.

Developed alongside creative agency Spellcaster, the campaign aims to get more people to use a VPN as it can be a necessary tool to protect their security both online and offline.

1/2 We’ve launched a brand new #Billboard campaign across #London. We want to speak up and empower others to do so, and we hope these billboards will do that. pic.twitter.com/zqEGyB9bRv12. December 2022